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If you are unsure which version you need, please read this article:  Which version of AllTracker should be downloaded and installed on whose device?
Control Center

AllTracker Control Center - a native application for monitoring controlled devices with installed Video Surveillance and/or Communication Monitoring. It is also used for managing your account, purchasing subscriptions, and coupons. In the app, you can spin the wheel of fortune and collect daily bonuses that can be exchanged for coupons. Details
In the Control Center, you can monitor controlled devices on which one of the following versions is installed:
Video Surveillance
An application for remote monitoring of someone or something.
Communication Monitoring
An application for viewing the history of visited websites, all incoming notifications, as well as typed text (keylogger), and control of all installed applications.
AllTracker Family

AllTracker Family - an application for monitoring your children's devices. The application does not have the functions of reading SMS, viewing call logs, call recordings, keylogger, and browsing history. If you need all these functions, you can install AllTracker Business on the target device.
AllTracker Business

AllTracker Business - an application for use in business on corporate devices. This version includes all monitoring functions, except call recording. If you need call recordings, you can install the Anti-Theft version.
AllTracker Anti-Theft

AllTracker Anti-Theft - is used for the security of personal devices and can help in finding them in case of loss or theft. The application works the same as AllTracker Family/AllTracker Business, however, it has full functionality. Additionally, on the target device, the application can be hidden and notifications can be disabled for requests. This version has the functions of reading SMS, viewing call logs, and call recording. Installed through the Installation Wizard.
System Security

System Security - is used for the same purpose as Anti-Theft, but it has a regular Android system icon and a name that makes it difficult to detect the program on your phone. This increases the likelihood that an intruder will not detect the application on your device and will not delete it before you can retrieve your device.
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